Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Golfing "Fore" A Cause

I doubt that anyone had as much fun as we did this weekend. Really, you didn't.

We hosted the CommuniTEE Golf Benefit in Mound City for the hospital. We raised money, we witnessed some good golf and some REALLY bad golf and we laughed until our stomachs hurt. We learned that our cardiologists are better heart surgeons than golfers, that 66 teams of golfers in two days can consume 239 hotdogs and brats and that some things, like community golf tournaments, do not get old even after 22 consecutive years.

Twenty-two years of golf. That means that some of our committee members were not even born when the tournament started. Some of our teams have played every year and many have introduced second generations into this great tradition.

The fact that this tournament is a family affair is one of its best attributes. Just a quick count reveals 21 families that were playing with more than one generation. Many tee off beside their brothers, cousins, sons and daughters. Others come from great distances to be reunited for a great cause and for a few fun rounds of golf.

And if you are a golfer who can't have fun, than this is not the tournament for you. Many of our golfers play less than five times a year, but endure the sore back for a great cause. We also have an equal number of avid golfers who are incredibly patient and happy to switch to the role of teacher when needed. There is a common understanding that everyone comes together for the hospital first and golf second. Really, it's a winning combination, don't you think?

You'll see your fair share of medical personnel trade in the stethoscope for a golf club. Nurses, radiology techs, cardiologists and administrators alike hit the course in support of local healthcare. Golfers or not, they love their community and are happy to spend a day in support of the patients they care about.

Of course, it is not all fun and games. There is a more serious side to our tournament-The side that involves the dollars that we raise. This year, we set out to purchase a new anesthesia machine for our surgery department. When given a goal, you can bet our community will meet and exceed it, and of course they did. From volunteers that sold $1,600 in raffle tickets, to selling brats and hotdogs to the sponsor who graciously contributed $2,000. It was a team effort and one that we can be proud of.

So next year, do not be the one sitting at home while we're out having all the fun. Come play with us Aug. 22 and 23 in Tarkio.

Really, you won't regret it!

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