Friday, October 11, 2013

Spreading Encouragement for Breast Cancer Awareness

 In October, breast cancer is front and center, so the color pink gets a lot of attention. But pink is just a color after all. Behind the pink are the heroes battling breast cancer that we are proud to know and love.

Today, all of us at Community Hospital-Fairfax wanted to spread more than just awareness. 

We want to send encouragement  to our friends and family facing breast cancer and a big hooray to those who have beat it. We love you and are here for you.

Robin Salfrank, Administrative Assistant

Jackie Martin, RN

Stacy Stillwell, LPN

Shannon Pruitt, PT

Barb Taylor, RN

April Stoner, Patient Accounts Supervisor

Mike Clifton, Housekeeping

CH-F Radiology Staff:
Tracy Beason, RT (R)(M), Beth Mackey, RT (R)(M) & Rikki Wilson, RT (R)

CH-F Surgery Team:
Dina Ridley, RN, Stephanie White, LPN, Trisha Quimby, RN, 

Medical Records:
Nora Driskell, Gay Martin, Judy Raya, Sam Silkett

Myra Evans, CEO

Did you know?

Community Hospital-Fairfax prides itself on being  close to home, right where you need us. In 2011, we brought digital mammogram technology to our patients, making the procedure more convenient and enabling doctors to see test results quickly. We are also introducing a PET/CT scan; equipment with the power of two imaging machines in one procedure that not only pinpoints abnormalities but can also determine benign tumors from cancerous tumors. 

These tools and more make Community Hospital-Fairfax the answer when your health is in question.
  And as we celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness, we also celebrate the health of our community every month and every minute of the year.

You can schedule a mammogram today by calling the Radiology Department at 660-686-2360. Patients must have a doctor's referral for an appointment.