Thursday, November 14, 2013

CH-F Volunteer-Turned-Patient Comes Full Circle

Each year, when the Celebrity Waiter Dinner or CommuniTEE Golf Benefit roll around, Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) is fortunate to work with a great team of volunteers. From determining the decor, to filling out the scorecards, both events are an all hands on deck kind of affair. Before each event, emails are sent,  phone calls are made and a fantastic crew is assembled that makes each fundraiser run like a well oiled machine.

One of the most important, and pleasant, phone calls made each year is to Jimmy and Leisa Paris, Fairfax residents and members of both the CH-F Celebrity Waiter Dinner and CommuniTEE Golf Benefit committee. Jimmy and Leisa are always available with a helping hand, big smiles and 14 coolers. Yes, you read that correctly. Through chance and a collector's eye, Jimmy and Leisa have assembled enough coolers to keep 300 golfers and volunteers hydrated with cold water and pop and hold enough ice for 700 plus drinks at the Celebrity Waiter Dinner.

Jimmy & Leisa (right) proudly sport their official volunteer shirts at the 2013 CommuniTEE Golf Benefit.
Along with the plethora of coolers, Leisa and Jimmy assist in many other ways. Many may not know that Jimmy and Leisa are part of a hard working team that provides the delicious steaks grilled onsite for both the golf tournament and the Celebrity Waiter Dinner. Jimmy and Leisa supervise the trimming, seasoning and grilling of over 500 steaks a year for the hospital. The smell and taste of steaks hot off the grill provided for each guest is part of what makes CH-F events so special. CH-F is so appreciative of this talented crew! One year, the hospital attempted to give Jimmy a year off. He was sure to let us know that he missed his role as grillmaster despite the added rest!

Just recently, CH-F got the opportunity to give a little back to the Paris family as they have generously given to us throughout the years. Approximately a year ago, Jimmy experienced an injury to his shoulder. When asked what tasks were more difficult after the injury, Jimmy commented that everything was more challenging. He knew he needed therapy to get back to the activities he was accustomed to doing and CH-F was his choice for therapy services.

"Use of one's shoulder is extremely important to day to day activities. We have watched Jimmy assist at hospital events and knew that he was an active, hardworking individual. We devised a therapy plan to help him regain the strength and use of his shoulder as quickly as possible," commented Shannon Pruitt, PT, Director of Therapy Services at CH-F.

Jimmy attended therapy over the course of several months. Although he may never regain the use of his shoulder that he once had, he is able to complete many more tasks than before therapy. As you can only imagine, Jimmy was not about to be left out of the CH-F golf tournament when August rolled around. He was upfront with the therapists when he told them he expected to be able play golf. Thanks to Jimmy's hard work and the therapy he received, Jimmy and Leisa hit the links in August along with their many friends from CH-F.

"Even though I often dreaded going, the therapists made each visit enjoyable. Thanks to all of them," commented Jimmy.

Jimmy and his wife, Leisa, stay dry at the 2012 golf tournament.
"Knowing our patients and being able to give back to them as they have supported us is extremely rewarding. Seeing Jimmy at the golf course was wonderful. Enjoying the steak he will cook at the Celebrity Waiter Dinner in March is even better!" Ann Schlueter, Director of Strategic Planning at CH-F.
Jimmy and his crew have a grill full at the 2012 Celebrity Waiter Dinner.