Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 at Community Hospital-Fairfax, The Year in Review

The American Hospital Association reports that 72 million Americans live in rural areas. Serving those Americans are 2,000 rural hospitals like Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F), often offering the only access to healthcare within many miles.

Providing the fullest range of healthcare possible, is important to CH-F. Recent service additions include an oncology clinic provided by Susan Kambhu M.D., new interventional radiology procedures offered on a weekly basis and PET/CT scans. Coming in 2014 are varicose vein procedures. These services join acute, skilled and obstetrical care along with radiology, laboratory, cardiac rehab, therapy, surgery and specialty clinic services.

Dr. Douglas Niemann joined the CH-F Radiology Team to share
about new varicose vein procedures at the Me Market. For more information
call (660) 686-2360.
CH-F is also proud to report excellent scores for quality in 2013. In the last 12 months, the hospital recorded a readmission rate lower than the industry standard. CH-F also performs well on Core Measures (standard of care determined by Medicare) with an average of 99% on all Core Measures reported. Medicare's website for hospital patient satisfaction reports that CH-F patients are recommending CH-F at higher rates than patients visiting other local hospitals. Community Hospital-Fairfax is currently outperforming the state and national average. (

In many communities, the local hospital is the largest employer and adds to the attractiveness of the community to businesses or families planning to make the community their home. In the last year, Community Hospital-Fairfax has employed 104 with a payroll of over $4.2 million. For every hospital job in a rural community, the American Hospital Association uses a multiplier of .77.  That means that CH-F contributes another 80 jobs to the local community. In the last fiscal year, CH-F spent over $145,700 supporting local businesses and organizations in Atchison and Holt Counties.

Community health is important to rural hospitals. CH-F is no exception. In the last fiscal year, CH-F sponsored many events to improve community health. Those include the Wear Red Challenge for Heart Health, Pediatric Orientation for 80 plus area first graders, the Kids Cafe and pool party for over 150 children and families, the Back to School Fairs in Atchison and Holt Counties, a free prostate screening, the Me Market for over 250 women and free screenings for high school students in Atchison and Holt.
Shannon Pruitt PT visits with guests at the Me Market.

Dr. Aron Burke was recognized as the Missouri Family Physician of the Year in 2013!
In 2014, CH-F will be reporting patient satisfaction and quality results at Patients and community members are encouraged to visit the website and learn more about how CH-F is providing care for the community. Other questions about Community Hospital-Fairfax services can be directed to the hospital at (660) 686-2211.