Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jo Stevens Is on the Road to Recovery and the Bowling Alley

"Let's try driving," said Helen Jo Steven's friend on a winter day not so long ago.

"We went down to the park. I got behind the wheel and it was like riding a bike. I was so surprised and extremely grateful," explained Jo.

This winter Jo arrived at the CH-F Emergency Room after suffering a stroke. She explains that she never felt bad, but she had lost mobility in the right side of her body. After being evaluated in the ER, she was admitted to the hospital's inpatient floor to begin her journey to recovery.

Jo was a patient at CH-F for 23 days. During that time she was considered a skilled patient. This means that her care was heavily focused on restoring her health and enabling her to get back to her very active lifestyle. Each day Jo received physical therapy, which she calls invaluable to her recovery. Jo especially appreciated the kindness of the nursing staff and the whirlpool baths she was treated to several times a week!

"Seeing a patient admitted to the hospital with an illness or injury is always really difficult, but the day they leave with restored mobility or health is really exciting especially since so many that we care for are also our friends and family," Samantha Grist, RN, CH-F Med Surge Manager shared about the feelings of the nurses at CH-F.

 Jo was grateful to receive the care she needed close to home. As an avid bowler and former mayor of Rock Port, Jo has many friends and relatives. Her hospital stay at CH-F meant that she frequently had visitors. She explains that this made her days go very quickly.

Bowling is a passion of Jo's and with the purchase of a lighter ball, she plans to hit the lanes as soon as possible. Part of reaching this goal is the therapy she received which she shares "helped her tremendously."  She is determined to reach her average score of 130 again.

Shannon Pruitt, PT, Director of Rehab Services at CH-F says that Jo's effort made all the difference, "Throughout Jo's rehab journey, she never lost hope or sight of her goals. She always had a smile on her face and a good joke to keep us laughing. Her determination is a tremendous display of her achievements and will be what continues to help her improve in the future. She remains an inspiration to our entire team."

Ask your physician if skilled care and therapy services are an option for you. And remember that you can come to Community Hospital-Fairfax for skilled care, therapy or other services even if you had surgery elsewhere. For more information talk to your physician or call CH-F at (660) 686-2211.

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