Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Nurse Practitioners are Vital to Rural Healthcare: Melissa Masonbrink FNP

The first advanced education program for nursing in the United States began in the 1960s as the demand for primary care began to grow beyond the number of physicians available to provide it. Today the need for primary care remains greater than ever due to an aging population and many new individuals with healthcare coverage as a result of Accountable Care Act.

In Atchison and Holt Counties, mid-level providers have been a mainstay of the healthcare team for many years. In Missouri, family nurse practitioners can meet many primary care needs and each FNP has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician. Mid level providers extend the reach of physicians, provide emergency care and fulfill specialized roles like pediatric care. The relationship Family Nurse Practitioners have with CH-F physicians also ensures patients have a quick and efficient avenue to the physician when needed.

Melissa Masonbrink FNP

Melissa Masonbrink, FNP enjoys seeing patients in several different settings in Atchison County. She works in the CH-F Emergency Room, in the women’s health clinic at the Atchison County Health Center and in Dr. Burke’s Tarkio clinic on Fridays. She loves the variety of patients that she gets to take care of from urgent to emergent.

“Nothing is more rewarding that seeing a patient have a good outcome and knowing that you were part of their recovery” explained Melissa. 

Melissa has lived in Rock Port for 9 years with her daughter Lydia, 11, who is a student at Rock Port Elementary School. She feels like she has become part of the community through her work, but also as a parent as she attends ballgames and school functions.

“Caring for my community is important to me and I’m glad that I get to practice in the place I call home,” Melissa commented.

This concludes our series on our Family Nurse Practitioners. We are so grateful to each one of them and the care they provide in our community!