Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We are turning 65 this week!

-Front page news regarding an outbreak of polio. A Ball is held in Fairfax to raise funds for the children’s polio fund.
-The Sunday school lessons are printed in the local paper.
-Local residents receive care at St. Francis or St. Joseph. Appendectomies and infections make the front page.
-Bread at B.P. Hunters costs 8 cents a loaf.
-Rock Port Theater shows “Mom and Dad” Advertised as “many parents are making the same mistakes as Mr. And Mrs. Blake-trying to keep their boys and girls innocent thru ignorance. This story was ripped from the pages of everyday life. It will awaken you” Segregated audiences only. Show times for men and women listed.
-Dr. Templeton dies. He was born in Atchison County in a 2 room log house in 1854. Obituary reads “probably the life of no person has fully exemplified the character and admirable qualities of the pioneer country doctor than Templeton.” One 6 week period he made all calls by horse, foot and boat during floods. Delivered hundreds of babies. Obituary “only one mother died of causes not related to childbirth.”
-In March of 1946, a local Kiwanis club was formed.
-Sims Printing advertises the “little giant” the latest and best small automatic printing press.
-SJ Peterson, Mayor of Fairfax, recommends civic improvements for newly form Kiwanis Club.
-The Local Kiwanis Club received its charter. 220 were present including the governor of Missouri.
-Health concerns include high blood pressure due to stress and hard work.
-Small pox immunization clinics are held. All children are encouraged to attend.
-Army releases list of dead and missing of local soldiers.
-Dr. Wilson joins Dr. McDonald in Fairfax due to business of Dr. McDonald’s practice.
-Fairfax Kiwanis Club promoted the idea of building a hospital in Fairfax.  Twenty people attended a meeting on November 22.  By December 20, $115,000 was raised through selling stock.
-L.R. Sims, F.C. Whitford and Jack Pearce who were members of the public affairs committee of the Fairfax Kiwanis Club initiate meetings.
-Blue Cross first visits area to promote hospital benefits insurance plan.
-November 29, 1946. Announcement on front page: local group seeking $110,000 to build a hospital in Fairfax. Shares will sell for $110 a share. Volunteers canvas city and county asking for subscribers and promising 8% return. Subscribers are asked not to consider just financial gains, but to consider it an investment in the health of the county. A meeting is held at the school on November 29 where $83,600 was raised. By December 13, 112,530 had been raised. On the local committee were S.J. Peterson, John Sly, FC Whitford, Jack Pearce, L. Roy Sims. Article reads “so popular was the idea of building hospital in Fairfax, that many subscribers invited solicitors to call back if more money was needed. Petty differences were forgotten and all worked for the success of the drive.” By December 20, more than $115,000 was raised. By Dec. 27, an attorney was hired, articles of incorporation and bylaws were drafted.

1947        Little progress was made, but late in 1947 the lot was selected for the new hospital. Mrs.                     Anna Taylor, widow of a local physician, donated the land.

1948         -Site work begins. A Peterson drag line is used.
-A Mobile Chest X-Ray unit is brought to Tarkio. X-Rays are free to students and .75 for others. X-Rays are encouraged to detect TB.
-A Maytag washer is advertised by Nickersons in Rock Port for $114.50.
-Citizens enjoy city band concerts.
-Footings are poured in July of 1948.
-An Artist’s rendering is published in August of 1948 with details of a 132 ft. frontage, 42 ft. wide and a south wing. 16 double occupancy rooms with 1 4 bed ward, a nursery for 12 babies. The building was built to accommodate a 3rd floor.
-In August, the local Kiwanis organized a cornerstone celebration. The local Masonic Lodge officiated the August 21 ceremony.
-Glenn Carson was the architect. He was a Fairfax native.
-The operating room and nursery were to be air conditioned.
-Clinton Allen made the original cornerstone.
-The structural steel was completed in September of 1948.
-The roof was poured on a portion of the building in October.
-Atchison County elects Truman over Dewey by 318 votes.
-The walls were finished by November of 1949.
- Second stock issue raised an additional $70,000. 

1949        –The plumbing and heating were finished in Feb. of 1949.
-In 1949, consolidation of all Atchison County schools was considered on the ballot. It was handily defeated.
-The public was invited to view sample rooms in July of 1949. 200 came.
-Community groups furnish rooms.
-In September, equipment begins to arrive.
-In Rock Port, a heifer was sold at a cattle auction. Proceeds were donated to the hospital in the amount of $220.
-4 Nurses were hired. 3 were from KC. They boarded with a local woman.10 women began nurses aid training.
-In a letter to administration in 1983, “In 1949 Pauline Rhea, Doris Collins and I (Jean Bennett) went to Fairfax to open your community hospital. It was an unforgettable and challenging experience. I Have many wonderful memories of the town, the people and the countryside. I went from there to California and have since made my home here.”- Jean Bennett
-The open house was November 5 and 6 in 1949. The TB Assoc. purchased the first x-ray machine for $1000. The building took 6 cars of cement, 12 cars of sand and gravel and 1 car of plaster.
-Paul Musgrave was the first medical staff member.
-Robert Jones was the admin.
-The BOD was SJ Peterson, president, John Sly, FC Whitford, Weaver Walker, Cline Hawkins, Jack Pearce, L Roy Sims and Ralph Seymour.
-Billy Lee Smith, first baby, was born on November 9, 6:45 p.m. 8 lbs 1 oz.
-Fairfax Community Hospital, a 34 bed facility, opened for service November 7.  Some twenty-five persons and organizations furnished rooms with donations.  Three thousand people attended the Open House.  Medical staff was Drs. Wempe, Settle, Reuter, Musgrave, and Niedermeyer.  The three Registered Nurses were Doris Collins, Jean Bennett (Liles), and Pauline Rhea (McConnell).